Careers - (Holloway) Chew, Kean Ho

Professional work life timeline from the latest back to the beginning. All in a single page; made verifiable for you.


Multirole Founder

ZORALab Enterprise, Malaysia (December 2016 — Present)

Founded for broadening and continuing my software development careers incorporating business acumen from ground-up and branching out from the very niche embedded domain. In this pursue, my past achievements were:

  1. Currently actively managing at least 5 SMEs technological requirements by providing next-day tech-ready service.

  2. Continuously developing ZORALab's in-house products for mitigating current industrial threats:

    1. ZORALab's Hestia — web UI backend+frontend technologies using Go, TinyGo, and Rust supporting PWA+WASM via SPA / Reactive Rendering / conventional server site rendering; AND

    2. ZORALab’s Legal — continuously improving agreement documents; AND

    3. ZORALab's Montuer — automation CI tools for DevOps and Kaizen; AND

    4. ZORALab's Salut — enterprise IT grade cloud and endpoints services.

  3. Accumulated at least 25 bona-fide testimonials from customers.

  4. Successfully mitigated from suppliers’ supply chain threat in less than 1 month.

  5. Rescued a firm from a vendor’s mercenary practices that threatened to stop their business during the 2021 COVID19 Lockdown over the weekend. I restored their enterprise IT system, and mentored 6 of their staff so their business could continue regular operation on Monday.

  6. Published 20 papers to Zenodo and ResearchGate open-science data repository.

  7. Successfully prototyped horticulture’s portable mixed plantation module.

Device Driver Engineer

Intel Corporation, Malaysia (2012 — 2015)

Tasked as a research and development engineer, I was a rehired after my internship with Intel. The goal is to explore work life in Malaysia; C programming language software development operating worldwide; embedded market and industry; and my strength and weakness. In this pursue, my past achievements were:

  1. Developed multiple IO drivers (SD, eMMC, PWM, GPIO, I2C, HSUART) for both Windows and Linux kernels in less than 3 months.

  2. Reduced departmental equipment cost from purchasing resources of MYR5k to MYR2.4k via smartly sourcing computer interfacing capable digital instrumentation.

  3. Summitted 2 research papers and 2 patent ideas for my team.

  4. Second-in-Chief for organizing 2013 Intel Global SWPC conference where the project executed on-time (not overrun) and saved ~MYR3k total project budget.

  5. Intel Volunteer for SJKC Chong Cheng Robotic Club, Penangstartup and established club organization; developed administrations and self-sustaining management processes; and mentored their 2 teams to won 2nd place in district level competition.

My reason of leaving are:

  1. Aggressive and impeding family matter requiring me to reside in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and my role are not permittable (secrecy).

  2. I will regret losing my remaining family if I choose to stay selfishly disregarding them.

First Class Honours Graduate Engineer

Asia Pascific University of Technology and Innovation (2012 — 2009)

Pinpoint focus on developing my bachelor degree alongside networking with international peers. In this pursue, my past achievements were:

  1. Procured First Class Honours Degree in Mechatronics Engineering. [Recognition] [Recognition]

  2. Received IEEE CAS Innovation Award in year 2013. [News] [Recognition]

  3. Received graduate engineer recognition from Board of Engineers Malaysia in year 2019. [ID] [Recognition]

My reason of leaving are:

  1. Graduated via successful completion of the university program.


That's the end of the line. Anything before are my very young secondary and primary schools timeline. Those contents are too private (and overly massive) to publish here. If you wish to dig more about me, why not explore my certifications section of my hall of fame here: