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Getting things done proactive in a goal-oriented way.

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Some great business reasons on why knowing me is great for you.

Data Oriented

ALWAYS WHENEVER POSSIBLE grow with confidences.

PASSIONATELY RESEARCHES SCIENTIFICALLY safely and firmly exploring the unknown.

SHOW WITH INTEGIRTY earning trust via actions.



ALWAYS FOCUS ON OBJECTIVES getting the job done.

ALWAYS RESOURCEFUL never runs out of moves.

Tech Centrics

SPECIALIZED IN TECHNOLOGIES develop, automate, test, and delivers.

CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVED sustainable development and deployment simultenously.

FROM CODES TO CRAFTMANSHIP offering top-notch quality services.


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My Careers

What I did for the living and built up my specialties.

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Multiroles Founder

(December 2016 ~ Present)

Founded for broadening and continuing software development careers incorporating business acumen from ground-up.

Device Driver Engineer

(October 2012 ~ December 2015)

First job after graduations tasked to R&D and engineer software in the firm.

Graduate Engineer

(March 2008 ~ August 2012)

Pinpoint focus on developing my bachelor degree alongside networking with international peers.


Latest certificates received throughout my careers.

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QwikLab Google Cloud Training Participation

2021 — Google

PDF Certificate

Advanced in-depth training on using Google Cloud Platform sponsored by Google.

Certified Malaysian Food Handler

2020 — EduFood Training and Consultancy

PDF Certificate

Acquiring knowledge of food and beverage management practices for securing public safety in business operations.

Google Online Marketing Fundamentals

2017 — Google

PDF Certificate

For online marketing via various Google marketing products like SEO, SMO, AdSense, marketing campaign management.

Graduate Engineer Certification

2019 — Board of Engineers Malaysia

PDF Certificate

A recognized graduate engineer from Malaysia for Mechatronics engineering discipline.

Google Cloud OnBoard

2017 — Google

PDF Certificate

Introduction to using Google Cloud Platform products for cloud application developments.


Additional knowledge seeking via scientific paper approach.

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Case Study: Deployment of AI Assistant for Commercial Work

17 March 2023

Analyzing AI Assistants' deployment and application in commercial environment.


Descriptive Reviews of PTSD and CPTSD Self-Help Recovering Remedies dating Year 2022

18 November 2022

Studies known PTSD self-help remedies dated year 2022 for self-healing. It is essential for those that wants to heal on their own independently.


Large Scale Unit Testing Algorithm v2

21 October 2022

Upgrade existing algorithm and expand its deployment to Rust and TinyGo.


Supply Chain Threats in Software Industry Caused by Geo Political Influences and Business Model Changes

10 July 2022

Addressed a supply chain vulnerability in software industry across the globe.


Descriptive Reviews of Sam Ke Ting Reckless Driving Case (2.0.0)

24 April 2022

Consolidating all available datapoints for Sam Ke Ting reckless driving case.


Latest Projects

Developing for the betterment of the future.

ZORALab's Hestia

One Peaceful Frontend+Backend Software Libraries Suite.


Holloway's Upscaler

A consolidation of various compiled open-source AI image/video upscaling product for a working CLI friendly image and video upscaling program.


ZORALab's Monteur

An open-source localized software-robot for your software repository's CI needs.


ZORALab's Salut

An enterprise grade IT expertise contracting services.


Holloway's Polygot Script

A single common start point for maintainable and easily documentable init script.


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