Believes and Principles - (Holloway) Chew, Kean Ho

My non-compromising believes and principles. Straight and simple.

Published on: Friday, February 17, 2023 08:58:32 +08:00

Updated on: Tuesday, February 14, 2023 13:55:43 +08:00

Authored by: (Holloway) Chew Kean Ho


Non-compromising values for achieving highest performace in life.

Doing Things Right

Direction always come first — A long country road to home is better than a highway to hell.

Quality over Quantity

Quality products stay — quantities only degrades overall value in long run.

Simple; not Simplier

Strive for balance is simple — beyond simplification complicates the matter.

Educate and Forgive

Forgive via education — everyone makes mistake; give people a chance to learn.

Offence is the Best Defense

Solve the problem heads on — Don't politicized; don't waste precious resources.

Hesitation Kills

Be sharp; always be prepared — Opportunity don't wait.


Accumulated experiences from my past, present, and future.


To be accountable, every responsibilities shall be:

  1. Identifiable — easily marketable and sellable in any quantity.

  2. Quantifiable — packagable as a measurable unit.

  3. Measurable — calculatable for continuous improvement.

  4. Improvable — iteratively improve for more effective, efficient product to scale.

  5. Scalable — operate with strong flexibility at any sizes.

  6. Presentable — sellable to any level of clients.

Give and Take; Win—Win

A good relational trade is alway about making a win-win choice. It has to be:

  1. Trust is earned — not given; it's all about relationship at the first place.

  2. Give and take — always consider mutual benefits; what is lost and what is gained.

  3. Walks away from bad deal — wasting anyone's time is rude at the first place.


Handling controversial subject profressionally.

  1. Be accountable — that's the whole point of the main 5 religions teaching.

  2. Constantly tested and evaluated — it's about facing and dealing with the life challenges heads on.

  3. Stay away from fanatism — it destroys.


That's all for my believes and principles. As I'm still alive and learning, things here may change depending on what lies in the future. Thank you for spending time learning about me.