No Longer on Instagram

Exiting Instagram social media network. Time and resources are better off spending on developing careers, soul, and elsewhere.

Published on: Thursday, June 11, 2020 10:17:40 +08:00

Updated on: Saturday, February 18, 2023 10:46:12 +08:00

Authored by: (Holloway) Chew Kean Ho


As of 2020, I’m no longer maintaining my Instagram Account and will solely focus my social networking attentions to only Twitter, GoLang Bridge, and LinkedIn. There are a few reasons for it:

  1. The account was left idle for quite some time (at least 3-4 months) with duplicated posts.

  2. Twitter already facilitated a List feature which greatly saved my efforts of information filtration (and removed nearly 65 robot staffs for it).

  3. It’s easier to tweet than Instagram. I mean, I’m not a model. I can barely take a selfie on my own.

  4. Twitter provides first-hand information much faster than any others.

Unlike Facebook account, I will keep the Instagram account to hold and to preserve my IG handle in case of abuse and botting, and IG marketing business experimentations.

I'm still reachable via other contact channels and they are carried out as usual.

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